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Enter the area in square feet to calculate!
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Don't Know the Area?

If you know the approximate shape of your area or have broken it up into standard shapes, fill in one of the forms below to have the area and volume calculated for you.
See below for how to determine the shapes of your area.

Area Calculations:

Draw your site as accurately as possible - graph paper works well.

For odd or complex shapes, divide the area into combinations of rectangles, triangles, and/or circles.
Use the following formulas to determine area:

Rectangle: Area = length x width
Circle: Area = 3.1416 x the square of the radius
Triangle: Area = 1/2 x length of base x length of height
Shape Dimensions
Rectangle/Square: Length:
Width: ft.
  Depth: in.
Circle Radius: ft.
  Depth: in.
Triangle Base Length:
Height: ft.
  Depth: in.

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